Day 365 of 365

Day 31 of Creativesprint (share one thing you learned from this experience) and Day 365 of 365 (!!!) of my 365 days project (make something loud today and let everyone know that it's the last day of your year!). So one thing I've learned during this year, but also during this Creativesprint, is, that being creative and making art is my way to talk about the elephant in the room: in my case, it was a way to think out loud about the elephant that is grief and loss and dying. And: "Woohooooo!" I made it! And I'm not going to stop! I'll start another 365 days project tomorrow. It is called "The Sixth Sentence Project". Stay tuned!

PS: I would like to thank everyone who supported me and cheered me on and was interested in what I was doing during the last year. It was such a gift! Thank you! 

Day 364 of 365

Day 30 of Creativesprint (create a trophy) and 364 of 365 of my 365 days project (create a new birthday tradition). A trophy for the celebration of both occasions: finishing another Creativesprint and another year! Happy Birthday!

Day 363 of 365

Day 29 of Creativesprint (make a rainbow) and 363 of 365 of my 365 days project (extend an existing photograph). Poems and rainbows and bubbles make me happy. 

Day 362 of 365

Day 28 of Creativesprint (rework or revise a previous work from this creativesprint ) and 362 of 365 of my 365 days project (make a rainbow out of everyday objects). My friends' reaction to Day 11.

Day 361 of 365

Day 27 of Creativesprint (make a mask) and 361 of 365 of my 365 days project (make something with bleach). I found a grief mask from Gabun - and I used the bleach filter. 

Day 360 of 365

Day 26 of Creativesprint (make a diagram or chart) and 360 of 365 of my 365 days project (inspired by inner organs). My lungs when I smell lavender...

Day 359 of 365

Day 25 of Creativesprint (what happened today in history?) and 359 of 365 of my 365 days project (create a city out of objects you have on hand). This is U.'s birthday today and she lives in the city that is pictured here.

Day 358 of 365

Day 24 of Creativesprint (make a miniature landscape) and 358 of 365 of my 365 days project (create the illusion that someone is frozen mid-action). Hello again to the girl from earlier this Creativesprint - now reaching for Excalibur. 

Day 357 of 365

Day 23 of Creativesprint (camouflage something) and 357 of 365 of my 365 days project (make something natural look digital). Karma Chameleon.

Day 356 of 365

Day 22 of Creativesprint (make something in a public place and leave it there for someone else to find) and 356 of 365 of my 365 days project (create a new book cover for your favorite book). Left a book recommendation for my favorite book in the library...

Day 355 of 365

Day 21 of Creativesprint (make an ad for something) and 355 of 365 of my 365 days project (take two things that don't go together and find a way that they fit together). Make art! Be an artist! Don't let talent stop you!

Day 354 of 365

Day 20 of Creativesprint (take something apart and put it back together in a new way) and 354 of 365 of my 365 days project (work with candy). EAT THE RICH. 👊🍍👑🖕 [pineapple out of finest Belgian waffles] --> find the video here.

Day 353 of 365

Day 19 of Creativesprint (collaborate with another sprinter) and 353 of 365 of my 365 days project (work only with gold materials). Thankfully @theloushe (Instagram) started her prompt as an offer to collaborate (the beautifully symmetric blue one) and I enjoyed playing around with golden souvenirs... 💛

Day 352 of 365

Day 18 of Creativesprint (recreate a favorite childhood game) and 352 of 365 of my 365 days project (design a uniform for a job that doesn't normally have one). I loved watching people as a child (and I still love it).

Day 351 of 365

Day 17 of Creativesprint (create something in the style of an artist you admire) and 351 of 365 of my 365 days project (add wings to something). Artist Kelsey Montague started the #whatliftsyou project (and my mum made the doll). I am a huge fan (of Kelsey and my mum). 

Day 350 of 365

Day 16 of #creativesprint (make something that reminds you of a teacher who inspired You) and 350 of 365 of my 365 days project "365 Days in the Mourning" (have someone else start something and finish it). I told a friend about today's prompt and she started talking about her time in school and that she felt that a lot of her teachers never really got her and therefore treated her in ways, that hurt her. I had the same experiences in school (in slightly different ways)...the bottom line is, that we stopped trying to explain ourselves but instead started to look for people with whom we can be who we are.

Day 349 of 365

Day 15 of Creativesprint (incorporate repetition into what you make today) and 349 of 365 of my 365 days project (make something unappetizing seem appetizing). Put a strawberry on a fly and the fly looks much more appetizing!

Day 348 of 365

Day 14 of #creativesprint (make something out of things you would normally throw away) and 348 of 365 of my 365 days project "365 Days in the Mourning" (work with a disposable cup). I didn't have any disposable cup but a busy day, so this is it for today. 

Day 347 of 365

Day 13 of #creativesprint (make something using only the contents of your purse) and 347 of 365 of my 365 days project "365 Days in the Mourning" (make a face to something that normally doesn't have one). Am I a worry doll? Or an Inca Goddess? - Everyday questions... 

Day 346 of 365

Day 12 of Creativesprint (add eyes to an inanimate object) and 345 of 365 of my 365 days project (make a repeating image by folding paper and cutting out the shape of an object). Googly tears in a row. 💧💧💧

Day 345 of 365

Day 11 of Creativesprint (spill something and create something from the mess) and 345 of 365 of my 365 days project (only work with the objects that are already on the table near you). - Ehm...YES. 😌

Day 344 of 365

Day 10 of #creativesprint (if you were a superhero what would your name and your super power be?) and 344 of 365 of my 365 days project "365 Days in the Mourning" (use stars as your inspiration today). My name is Regy and my super power is to empower others. 

Day 343 of 365

Day 9 of Creativesprint (incorporate shoes into what you do today) and 343 of 365 of my 365 days project (make something boring seem exciting). Hold on! 

Day 342 of 365

Day 8 of CreativeSprint (create a greeting card for an unspecial occasion) and 342 of 365 of my 365 days project (create evidence of an event that didn't happen). Stressful events happen to end in nose bleeding in my family - so seeing someone with damaged blood vessels and running blood is something fairly familiar to me. However, (luckily) it did not happen today.

Day 341 of 365

Day 7 of CreativeSprint (look up and create something inspired by what you see) and 341 of 365 of my 365 days project (make a functioning mobile). Today, a young child next to me on the ferry said to their mother: "Wow! Look, Mum! There is so much sky above us!"

Day 340 of 365

Day 6 of CreativeSprint (create a face from the food leftover on your plate after a meal) and 340 of 365 of my 365 days project "365 Days in the Mourning" (work only with what's in your or someone else's pockets today: the mobile phone and my hand). "Why aren't you smiling?" - 

Me: 🖕😬🖕

Day 339 of 365

Day 5 of CreativeSprint (take a 5-minute walk and make something with what you find wherever you end up) and 339 of 365 of my 365 days project (create something that is only visible from one specific angle - kind of). A dancing phoenix...

Day 338 of 365

Day 4 of CreativeSprint (what would the cover of your autobiography look like?) and 338 of 365 of my 365 days project (make something that shows the passage of time).

Day 337 of 365

Day 3 of CreativeSprint (close your eyes - what is the first color you notice when you open your eyes? Create a monochromatic collage) and 337 of 365 of my 365 days project (work blindfolded). BLUES.

Day 336 of 365

336 of 365 of my 365 days project "365 Days in the Mourning" about grief and loss (censor something that doesn't need to be) and Day 2 of CreativeSprint (make something inspired by the meaning of your name). Thinking about the meaning of my name (Regina is the latin word for "queen"), I always wonder if "being queen" is a goal to live for or an attitude to live by...

Day 335 of 365

Creativesprint starts today (woohoo! ) and I'll combine my 365days project (it's the last month!) with the daily prompts in October. Day 1 = Make something that fits in the palm of your hand and Day 335 of 365 = Make something to protect a delicate object. In my yearlong project I think about grief and loss and dying - the human heart is such a delicate object, and most of the times it seems to me, that I try to protect it with bare hands.

Day 334 of 365

Work with barcodes today. This is a little Banksy tribute.

Day 333 of 365

Make a trophy. Hell yeah...

Day 332 of 365

Create a wheel chart. How is this going to end? --> Video on Instagram! 

Day 331 of 365

Make a flower out of everyday objects.

Day 330 of 365

Time for finger painting! - Is this meta finger painting? 

Day 329 of 365

Work with tissue paper today. - Tears of joy on tissue.

Day 328 of 365

Make something with a snack before you eat it. My grandpa loved these sweet cookie sticks with nuts from Switzerland called "Nuss Stängeli" - and I love them, too!

Day 327 of 365

Create an alternate alphabet for a new culture. We need to talk about death and everything related if we want to create a death positive culture.

Day 326 of 365

Use the world of amphibians as your inspiration today. My nailpolish-color is called "Urban Chameleon" and I bought it because of that name (and because I like the color, too - of course).

Day 325 of 365

Create a wallpaper using any technique. I am now the proud owner of a kaleidoscope app which is super fun! 

Day 324 of 365

Make something that would not normally melt seem like it has. A melting heart today...

Day 323 of 365

Work with music media. Cassette-owl.

Day 322 of 365

Make alternate signage for bathroom doors.

Day 321 of 365

Create a visual diagram for something that would not normally need one. When I'm frustrated or sad, I make some art so that I'm not that sad and frustrated anymore. Do I need to be sad to make art? Fortunatelly not: I am also creative when I'm relaxed and happy. Lucky me, my art alows me to have all the feelings!

Day 320 of 365

Make something out of keys. Mixing keys today...

Day 319 of 365

Write a ten-word murder mystery.

Day 318 of 365

Work with only rubber bands today. Lately I noticed, that a rainbow might be one of my favorite symbols...

Day 317 of 365

Something that goes over a foot. A little memento mori to go.

Day 316 of 365

Work with rice.

Day 315 of 365

Create a clear version of something that is normally not transparent. Ehm...yes... Current state of mind. 

Day 314 of 365

Create a tattoo. I actually think this might be a good tattoo one day: grief and hope (feather and rainbow).

Day 313 of 365

Work with fire today. I didn't want to burn the hotel room down, so instead I decided to tell the story of my great-grandmother catching fire... Every year my family gathers around a large pot of red wine punch around Christmas time and every year the tale is told that years ago, my great-grandmother's clothes suddenly catched fire and one had to blow it out quickly... I never got to know my great-grandparents. They died before I was born. But even my younger cousin said a few years ago while sitting in front of the red wine punch pot: "Do you remember when great-grandma catched fire?" and everyone replied immediately: "Yes, of course!"

Day 312 of 365

Work only with black materials today. - Home is where the heart is, right Pladdi? 💜