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"Time and again she comes running towards you with a bunch of hopes she has found and picked in the undergrowth of the times we are living in." (Rebecca Solnit: Hope in the Dark)

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"Sie ist die Gegenwart/ It is the present." (Max Czollek: Desintegriert euch)

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"Es kann passieren, dass man als Feminist*in frauenfeindlich genannt wird, weil man angeblich die vielen Fortschritte nicht sieht, die Frauen erreicht haben./ It might happen, that being a feminist, one is called misogynist for allegedly not seeing the progress women achieved." (Margarete Stokowski: Die letzten Tage des Patriarchats) - today's prompt: something on silencing women. Spoiler: Women won't be silenced. 

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"Oder Café au lait./ Or Café au lait." (Jutta Oster: Eine heiße Liebe - Stars und Caffè). This morning, I went to a Café and found this book there (and some Café au lait). 

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"Its huge success encouraged him to abandon his career as a doctor and pursue his true love of becoming an artist." (Osamu Tezuka: Astro Boy Omnibus). This is a request from @michelle_kangaroo (on Instagram). Thank you for this sentence and for the inspiration!  If any of you wants to share the 6th sentence from a book, too: I'd love to use it as a prompt! 

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"Well, Watson, what do you make of it?" (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of the Baskervilles). Ah yeah... So I can see the evil bird in black... Can you see it, too?

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"Bingo, the owner of a surf pub is adamant that he is going surfing with the fridge, and the Mother Superior of the famous Kylemore Abbey insists on consecrating it." (Tony Hawks: Round Ireland with a Fridge) Toilet paper roll theatre! 🎉🎭

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"'All roads lead to Rome' said Brida, using an old proverb to tell me that Gifts could be awoken anywhere." (Paulo Coehlo: Brida)

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"Then, on the left side over the hills, houses are gathering brightly." (Fernando Pessoa: My Lisbon)

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"Although Burden exhibited in New York in the 70s and 80s, she was dissapointed from the reception and completely draw back from the world of art." (Siri Hustvedt: Die gleissende Welt)

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"Their footsteps grow louder now as they hunt with relentless determination." (Dan Brown: Inferno) Today: Painting nightmares with candle wax... This is a request from @discgolffanatic (on Instagram) - thank you, it's a good one!

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"Die TN sitzen paarweise zusammen./ The participants sit pairwise." (Marcus Koch in Beermann et al.: Spiele für Workshops und Seminare).

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"Vielleicht kann man so nicht gleich Berge versetzen, aber schon Friedrich Nietzsche wusste: 'Im Gebirge der Weisheit klettert man nie umsonst.'/ Maybe one can't move mountains like this, but as Friedrich Nietzsche already knew: 'On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain.'" (Brigitte Hellmann: Mit Nietzsche auf der Gartenbank) I got this magnetic (!!!) canvas from L. today. ❤

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"Etwa zur gleichen Zeit als Karl Marx in der British Library in London fieberhaft an seinem Hauptwerk arbeitet, versucht Charles Babbage einen programmierbaren Rechenautomaten zu bauen: die Analytical Engine./ Roughly at the same time as Karl Marx works franticly on his most important work in the British Library in London, Charles Babbage tries to build a programmable calculator: the Analytical Engine." (Timo Daum: Das Kapital sind wir) Thank you @morekompensationforthisnation - great sentence!

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"Sand weht daher, in Wellen, in Schwaden, mit rasender Geschwindigkeit./ Sand blows, in waves, billows, with berserk speed." (Federica de Cesco: Frei wie die Sonne)

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"Ich muß wohl an den Anfang zurückkehren und alles noch einmal erleben, um jene ewigen Rätsel zu lösen, denen sich jeder am Ende stellen muß./ I have to return to the start, to experience everything again, for to solve those everlasting mysteries, that in the end, everyone has to face." (Eva Maaser: Die Astronomin)

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