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Make something that fits in your hand. There are 7.5 billion people in the world. During my new project I want to tell stories from 365 of them: stories from random strangers, from people I knew my whole life, from my ancestors, from people I meet at work, from people I like, from people I don't like, from people all around the world and from people next door...AND I'll use Noah Scalin's book again "365 A Daily Creativity Journal" - it feels like coming home. 😉 

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Inspired by a favorite animal. A few years ago I worked with young people and one evening we sat by the campfire and the conversation turned serious and one of the girls told us that a few months ago a friend of her died, another girl added that her father died when she was younger... Then a boy began to speak and said, that his hamster died, too: "You know, it grew dear to my heart!" - and it was great: nobody laughed or made fun of him. Everyone just turned silent.  Then after a few moments the first girl started giggling and when we wanted to know what's so funny, she just said: "Sorry, I was thinking how it would look like, if his hamster would actually grow to his heart." 😁

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Use paper without scissors or glue. My little godchild was baptized today.

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Take a walk outside and make something with the materials you found there: Rose petals and ivy butterflies.

A few years ago, I went out for a night partying with my flatmates and one of them got a little drunk and bought all of us roses from a flower seller. He didn't explain why and I remember that we were all slightly confused and weren't sure about the appropriate reaction to this gift. But I kept the (now well dried) rose to this day. Aforesaid flatmate was also known for his proclivity for absinth and falling asleep with loud pop music.

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Use a collection.

I think it's safe to say that I tend to collect nail polish (this is just a selection). 😬😁 The second one on the left is the nail polish, my cousin used for her wedding.

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Use a fruit or vegetable. A student named David E. Strickler thankfully invented the first banana split more than 100 years ago. 

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Make a stencil. There was a boy who came to my hometown just to drink some liquor with the pastor...

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Transform an old book into something new. This book was a gift from my colleague who recently retired. He had to clear his office and didn't want to throw everything in the bin. This is kind of a portrait of him...😊

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Make something with your breakfast. 

After I finished my studies, I moved to a town with a lot of chicken farms in the neighborhood. And my friend from university - he is strictly vegan and an animal rights activist - said: "I'll come to visit you and we go free the chickens!"

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Use water as your inspiration. I went to Hamburg today and to the harbour (I took the pictures there) - the first time I went there on holiday about 15 years ago, I met a retired captain who told me he dreamed about living in the mountains. He was tired of the sea, he wanted to experience something else at the end of his life.

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Work with the other/ nondominant hand. My friend is left handed and these are some of the things she is struggeling with.

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Camouflage something. I got this ladybug from a pharmacist. He said he loves to give them to his customers to brighten their day. (By the way a very good strategy to build up a clientele 😋☝)

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Work with tea. A few years ago, my father and his friends used to make their own kites and they also made kites for us kids.

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Make something microscopic. When you ask people what crazy stories they can to tell, sometimes you hear that there are four year olds who accidentally kill raindeers by feeding them poisonous plants.

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Use a one dollar note. Or in my case: a five euro note. Two weeks ago, I met a farmer in the train, he was on his way to his grandmother and we shared an apple and some stories about our grandmothers. 😀🍎

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Make a unique print. My artist friend W. never uses brushes, but all kinds of other materials to print and paint and draw. I think that's really courageous and impressive. So here's a noodle print in his honor.