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Day 1 of 365

I'll make little pieces of art every day for another year - this time it is all about numbers. So here are the first steps... 

Day 2 of 365

I thought about the number of the day and tried to remember the amount of money I spent for my grocery shopping - but I think I am still on pandemic shopping panic and I forgot to look at the receipt. However, what I then noticed was, that I somehow went shopping like I had to fill Noah's Ark: I bought two of every kind. So the number of the day is two. 

Day 3 of 365

The time I finished my seminar today: 17.46. [rice on wood]

Day 4 of 365

Color by numbers! (I made a sweater out of this fabric today 😍)

Day 5 of 365

I couldn't focus on an idea, so I circled an 8 for 3 minutes.

Day 6 of 365

Number of the day: 2. 2 rubber boots on a "virtual" walk with @tanja8292 .

Day 7 of 365

The number of the day is 9:50. This is the length of Meat Loaf's song "Bat out of Hell". And this is my homage to the album cover.

Day 8 of 365

Number of the day: 46. 46 days until Christmas Eve. 🎉🎄🥂 I try to give myself some bright look-out here. 😅

Day 9 of 365

Number of the day: 3. I made a third sweater today. That's 3 sweaters in a week or so...I can't stop. 🙈😅

Day 10 of 365

Number of the day: 11. When I'm stressed, I write elevenies (poems with eleven words) - here is a not so serious one from today...

Day 11 of 365

I took a walk and at the end landed at a supermarket and bought an apple. - 1,5 h to get an apple... Why not? 😅

Day 12 of 365

Number of the day: "25" 🙄. Take part in this online survey they said. It'll help your institution they said. It'll only take you 25 minutes they said...

Day 13 of 365

Number of the day: 2. Today I stayed in bed and read two books. 🎉

Day 14 of 365

My brother has this new clock that shows the time when one claps... And we noticed today: it also shows the time, when one shouts at it. 😂🙈

Day 15 of 365

Number of the day: the size of a (one year old) baby elephant (about 1.5 m). -  During the pandemic, the Austrian authorities spread the idea of keeping a "baby elephant length" distance. I wished to have an elephant in the crowded train station, today. 🙄✌️

Day 16 of 365

I tried to send 456 MB - It was nerve-wracking due to slow internet connection. 🙄😴

Day 17 of 365

Washing Day!

Day 18 of 365

"You have such a unique style! What would you call it?" - Me: "Onioning." Number of the day: 5 layers and a scarf. 😅✌️

Day 19 of 365

Number of the day: 15. The word PROFESSIONALISM has 15 letters, and it looks like us @what.makes.me_happy_. 😎☝️

Day 20 of 365

Building clusters.

Day 21 of 365

Numbers of the day: 4 hours of scented candle scent and 1 blob-technique elk.

Day 22 of 365

Heart rate at 50. It's Sunday! 😴

Day 23 of 365

Nail polish No. 050. 💅

Day 24 of 365

34 minutes of crazy pre-Christmas shopping horror resulted in buying a snow globe... Happy End. ⛄

Day 25 of 365

Number of the day: 203 kilometers today. 🚗💤

Day 26 of 365

On the road again: 495 km today.

Day 27 of 365

The number of coffee I had today... 😬

Day 28 of 365

Parking space is rare in the city, so I doodled a reminder: if I can't find my car tomorrow - I parked it in front of house number 25. 😎✌️

Day 29 of 365

At the end of the year everyone counts everything and tries to balance the books. Today I counted minutes and hours and summed it up and filled out forms and lists... I counted 2880 min on one list and 3000 on another...🤔😅

Day 30 of 365

Today marks the 12th full moon of the year - unfortunately it rains outside so I had to use my imagination. 🌚